Stars, Minimalism & Love

Hello my friends,

Today’s post is about a wonderful collaboration with my good friend Francesca Oddie from When she asked me to collaborate by designing a more minimalistic version of her colourful natal charts I jumped for joy. First because I was going to design it in my own minimalistic style, and secondly I was about to find out that when I met Russ, all the planets, stars and universe was cheering for us.

This post is a story about true love, stars and commitment.


Francesca is a passionate (obsessive) astrologer who thinks that astrology is a fascinating science. Her quest is to present the subject simply and to enable people to comprehend the scientific roots of astrology.

“Anna has asked me to write about why people need to buy a natal chart and it’s such a rich and wonderful question to answer.

For astrologers, the natal chart is the ultimate tool for insight.  These charts are horoscopes (not what you read in the back of the paper!)”

According to Wikipedia:

horoscope is an astrological chart or diagram representing the positions of the SunMoonplanetsastrological aspectsand sensitive angles at the time of an event, such as the moment of a person’s birth. The word horoscope is derived from Greek words hõra and scopos meaning “time” and “observer” (horoskopos, pl. horoskopoi, or “marker(s) of the hour”). Other commonly used names for the horoscope in English include natal chartastrological chartastro-chartcelestial mapsky-mapstar-chartcosogramvitasphereradical chartradixchart wheel or simply chart.

So why do you need one?

“The horoscope can tell you about someones needs, desires and motivations.  It actually still surprises me how remarkable astrology is!  The fact that it works is so utterly fantastic. There is a pattern and code to the universe that is ours to tap into.

All of us have pivotal moments in our lives that changed everything.  Any magic moments that filled us with joy that we wanted to bottle can be expressed in a natal chart.  The energy of the moment is clearly described and can be interpreted by astrologers.  Even if you cannot read or understand astrological symbols, the essence of the moment is rendered visibly infinite in the horoscope.

I love natal charts, I’m always looking up events from my past and more importantly the charts of people that I love.  What a gift it is to know how to love them in a way that meets their needs!  If you would like a simple astrological explanation of a birth chart for a person then I can do this (great for babies and birthdays!)

Whenever you see your chart on the wall you will be reminded of something or someone you love.  Pick your favourite colour and create your own personal talisman.  Colour is a frequency, an energy level.  So is the chart of a moment. 

So whether it was your first date or the birth of a child, or your birthday, the day you moved house, the day you graduated, the day you made that big decision.

It it was a pivotal and uplifting day then you want to capture it and put it on your wall.  Not only do charts look undeniably stylish, they are a personal reminder of something magic in your life.”


To be frank, I didn’t used to get most of the astrological stuff, the reason is it’s all very numeral for my creative brain. But Francesca make it all simple. We agreed to create a more minimal design of her charts, to fit with my personal style and brand, for people like me, who love minimalism and clean cut designs.

Also, guess what, my love for minimalism has an astrological explanation. With an Aries dominance in my chart I love clean lines, black and white, so clean cut. I also love grey but that ruins Francesca’s analogy 🙂 Everything has an explanation with astrology, it’s quite fascinating.


I chose this quote for my chart: And then my soul saw you and it kind of went “Oh there you are. I’ve been looking for you.” and the date I met my Penguin, my soulmate.

Francesca explains: “The chart represents that love was in the air as Venus and Jupiter are situated together in the 8th house in Gemini, such a PERFECT significator for finding our “twin soul.” Gemini is the sign of the twins (we all know that, I think?) Venus describes love, attraction and what we value, Jupiter is all about luck, opportunity and good fortune. Jupiter believes, (Jupiter rules Sagittarius and that’s why Sagittarius is known to be optimistic, they BELIEVE things will be OK so always take that leap of faith.) Venus and Jupiter are sitting together in the 8th, the house of intimacy, personal sharing, depth and commitment this was no fleeting love affair.”

“This was twins uniting in conversation, laughter and shared values. If you look at the chart you can see that Scorpio is rising with the North Node (our point of future karma and ‘destiny’) sitting bang on the ascendent. Scorpio, like the 8th house is not fleeting, this is commitment, intimacy and connection in it’s purest form.”

Francesca adds “I didn’t really think about what to expect when I looked at the chart but it’s so perfect and describes the love they have for each other wonderfully.”

When I met Russ I knew he was my Penguin almost immediately. Penguins mate for life, depend on each other and they work together as a team. Our relationship since day one has been like that.

Penguins shout their love for each other by screaming it out loud. They aren’t shy about expressing their love for their mate. Saying “I love you” is just a normal part of their day, and they’re often willing to express their sentiments. We humans could learn to do a better job of this. Penguins are monogamous, often having one mate for a lifetime. Death of their life partner is about the only circumstance that causes them to search for a new mate.

There isn’t a more perfect description to convey the love and commitment we have for each other.

Do you have a special date that means a lot to you? Want a black and white chart like this?  Use code PENGUIN15 to receive a 15% discount off one of my Natal Chart designs.  Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday, a first date, a wedding or the birth of a new baby.  We will make the chart that you love.


Anna x