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If you’ve been following me you know that three days a week I have a really long commute (3 hours to be exact). To make the time pass quicker I often listen to podcasts. When I started, I didn’t know what to expect, but after a year of listening I can tell you it’s the best thing I discovered for passing the time and learning at the same time!

Apart from the obvious, which is, if you find the podcasts you like to listen to it’s very enjoyable. Here are some other benefits:

  • You get a break from the endless scrolling and the information overload you get from screens. You are listening to one subject or story and that’s it, so it’s great exercise for your focus.
  • You give your neck and eyes a rest. Is it me or with modern age technology most of us have inherited neck pains and bad eyesight? So put this little screen down, maybe even close your eyes and just listen.
  • You get to know the people behind the storytelling a bit more. Putting a voice to a person makes it all a bit more personal and more human. You can really get an understanding of the podcasters personalities just by listening to them.
  • Time FLIES when you are listening to podcasts. I downloaded a few podcasts in my latest travels to Greece. Three and a half hours flight went through so quickly as I was immersed into my podcasts. So if you are like me, the ‘are we there yet…’ type of person, a podcast or two will help you forget about time while you’re listening.
  • Eliminates commuting noises. I love reading on the train also, but quite often I get ‘stuck’ to a seat on the train with a person that decided it’s very important for the whole train to listen to their conversation on the phone. That makes me lose focus when I’m reading. So for me, podcasts are the best thing to do on the train.

Today I’m sharing my latest favourite podcasts that I listen every day.

Hashtag Authentic – Sarah Tasker

Hashtag Authentic is a podcast for Instagrammers, bloggers and online creatives. Each month Sara Tasker shares strategies, stories, tips and experience to help you bloom and grow through your online adventures. Sara’s work has inspired me so much, an Instagram coach and photographic influencer, this podcast is for anyone navigating the world of online success whilst trying to stay true to themselves & their future dreams. Extra brownie point is her voice is incredible soothing and relaxing to hear! So if you’ve had a stressful day put Sarah on!

Goal Digger – Jenna Kutcher

If you are an entrepreneurial woman and need some inspiration and support on your marketing and goal settings this is the podcaster to listen to! Jenna oozes energy and positive thinking. You think you can’t do something? Just listen to Jenna. She will make you do the thing or start thinking of ways of how to do the thing!

The live-workshop style business podcast for creative girl bosses, so you can train from the experts how to dig in, do the work, and tackle your biggest goals along the way. After listening to Jenna I always feel like all my endorphines have kicked in after having high intensity exercise! Everything is possible!

The Slow Home – Brooke McAlary

After being diagnosed with severe post natal depression in 2011, Brooke embarked on a one-woman mission to cut out the excess in her life and reconnect with what was really important. She learnt about minimalism and simplicity, immersing herself in the Slow Living philosophy and discovered the beautiful benefits of living with less.

We live life in the fast lane. We are over-worked, over-committed and over-stressed, and we compete on how busy and important and sleep-deprived we are. But we don’t need to. There is an ever-growing group of people who are saying no to life lived at 110%. They are opting to slow down, simplify, say no and focus on the things that are truly important. In The Slow Home Podcast Brooke chats to others who have adopted a similar approach to life – slowing down, opting out, saying no.

Listen in to learn what makes people change, how life is different once you adopt a slower way of life, and what their advice is to anyone looking to get out of the fast lane.

The Mindful Kind – Rachel Kable

I love Rachel’s podcasts. Short digestible ones with tips how to apply mindfulness in your everyday life. She has helped me with my focus and be present in the moment.

Hoping to share her personal stories and experiences with mindfulness, including how mindful living helped her manage stress and improve her wellbeing, Rachael’s passion and knowledge attracted listeners and readers from all over the world.

The Minimalists – Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus

A funny lighthearted podcast. Joshua & Ryan help people to live meaningful lives with less.

Minimalism is the thing that gets us past things so we can make room for life’s most important things—which actually aren’t things at all. At age 30, best friends Joshua & Ryan walked away from their six­-figure corporate careers, jettisoned most of their material possessions, and started focusing on what’s truly important. In this podcast Joshua & Ryan, known to their millions of readers as “The Minimalists,” discuss living a meaningful life with less stuff.

Do you like listening to podcasts? I hope you enjoyed my suggestion and it would be great to let me know what you think? Also I would love to hear any other suggestions, I’m always on the look for fresh new content!


Anna x


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  • Louise says:

    Hi Anna,
    I love reading your blogs and this one is no exception. I have been trying to find a way to pass my commute as well as not having to listen to other people’s music from their headphones and I’d never thought of podcasts before.
    This is definitely something I will try for my morning and evening commutes from now on.