Easy way to update your home interiors for this spring

Easy way to update your home interiors for this spring

Spring is here finally! Well maybe not right this moment judging from the downpour outside my window, but on paper it is here. The clocks have changed, the days are longer (yay!) and I can feel a switch in everyone’s mood. Is it me or are people actually friendlier in Spring? I always thought that Spring is a great season for boosting our homes’ energy with a ‘spring clean’ and a little bit of an update in our interiors. In doing so we are getting rid of all the heavy winter moods and embracing the freshness of this season. On todays’ blog I’m sharing with you my top favourite picks for an easy way to update your home interiors for this spring

Pastel earthy tones and natural materials like wood, woven baskets, linen textiles and stoneware can bring this freshness and make this connection we all so desperately need with nature. I have chosen my favourite pieces with a hope to inspire you to do a spring update in your interiors and welcome in this fabulous season, when everything grows and blooms.

1 / Woven rattan pendants instantly bring this Spring/Summer feeling and are so easy to update

2 / Take advantage of natures bloom and always have some fresh wild flowers or greenery in your home, ceramic vases also go so well with this Spring fresh look. If you are the ‘I kill plants and flowers’ type of person, not to worry as you can find some really great faux to work this style. I’ll always opt for fresh greenery though

3 / I’m in love with this chair, the design brings back all those Spring/Summer childhood memories from Greece, sitting outside on our veranda sipping fresh lemonade whilst soaking up the sun

4 / 5 / 6 / Cushions are the best and easiest way to update your interiors! I love this natural toned boho style. If there is only one thing you can update in your home, do this

7 / This natural wood side table has made my heart sang… so much that my credit card has magically slipped out of my wallet…:)

8 / Wicker baskets are a must, they are great to hide all the clutter, toys, magazines, blankets anything you don’t want to have lying around and they look great

9 / Stoneware is great for all year long, I have my eye on some gorgeous pieces and I can’t wait to update our kitchenware

10 / 11 / What can I say about rugs, it’s just something that can easily be updated and bring so much warmth, cosiness and luxury in our homes. Don’t be shy, layer them up for a very natural boho look. I love this handmade Aztec Geo Rug for its natural tones and style but also the handmade circular wool and cotton rug which brings memories from my grandmas kitchen, when we used to spend a lot of time when I was a kid. Something really soothing about these memories

So what do you think? I would love to hear about your favourite pieces and how you planning to update your home.

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Easy way to update your home interiors for this spring