Happy Birthday to my blog & some exciting news

By 6th February 2018Life essays
This Place I Call Home - Blog's second birthday and future plans

It’s birthday cake time! Two years ago, I found the courage to push my dyslexic, introvert and non-writer self out of my comfort zone, and I hit the publish button on my first post. These last two years of learning and experimenting with my writing has been the greatest thing I’ve ever done.

Being a designer for most of my life, I thought I was happy to show my creativity through my designs and not by words. Words were always difficult for me, as I mentioned, a dyslexic introvert by nature but also as English is not my first language I always worried about being judged. But when you are as curious as I am with an extremely noisy mind, what do you do? You just have to take the leap and jump. And that’s what I did.

This blog started out as a diary of our slow home renovation. I thought it would be great to document and show to our friends and family our progress with our house, but gradually it became much more than that. It naturally evolved to follow my own journey to minimalism and my need to slow down. Learn to live a fuller, meaningful life, not surrounded by possessions, things or even people that have no meaning and serve no purpose in my life.

It feels to me like it’s been a very slow journey, but I have some great, very exciting news. The time has come for me to leave behind the rat race and the corporate world, and focus on the project that is so close to my heart and makes me so happy that words cannot even describe.

I’m on my last week as a full time employee for the agency where I have worked for the last 7 years. It’s exiting but scary at the same time, but I know in my heart it is the right time and the right thing to do.

What’s coming next?

I’m going to be available for some freelance design work, but predominantly I will concentrate on creating content that will help you all live a more minimal, meaningful life. Lots of tips and inspiration about how to organise your home, remove ‘the noise’ from your life and how to self-care.

I also have heaps of other plans, and as soon as they are fully formed I will let you know. But just to get an idea; I have built an amazing career over the last 18 years in design, marketing, social media and branding. A career that I’m so grateful of. I’m planning to encourage and support other entrepreneurs with my knowledge and expertise to help them achieve their goals and dreams. So watch this space as I will have a lot of great things to share with you in the next few months.

Happy Birthday my dear blog. You’ve been lots of hard work and you pushed me creatively and mentally. But you’ve been a life changing experience and I’m in awe with how much personal fulfilment you have brought into my life. I’m really excited about our future together.

It will be even harder work from now on but can’t wait for this brand new next chapter!

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A x

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