Help me design my home:

Make my home a beautiful restful place

Sometimes the most stressful thing about designing your home is the uncertainty and the decision making. How often have your struggled to visualise how to put things together in a design scheme? You know what you like but you are unsure of how everything will actually go together.

With a bespoke design that it’s tailored to your lifestyle and needs I take the stress away from you. I design your room scheme complete with a detailed guide of all the colours used, the materials, the furniture and the soft furnishings. All within a pre-agreed budget. So you don’t have do all the searching and battle with the uncertainty of if everything works together.

What you will get:
  • A beautifully designed room that works for you and your family
  • A mood board of the design scheme of your room. So you will have a visual guide of how your room will look.
  • A complete list of all the sources I used and where to buy the furniture and furnishings that are in the design scheme
  • All the colour codes and references that you need for your room
  • Unlimited access to me for a month of support or any questions you might have
  • Someone to bounce all your ideas off and explore all the possibilities
  • A fun and creative process that you will enjoy
  • A restful space that is true to you and your needs

The package includes:

This is what I do per room:

  • 30 mins call to discuss what you need. Free of charge
  • 1 hour meeting (at your home*) to discuss some styles you might like, how I can help you, and get into the details of the room, what you like and you don’t like.
  • I’ll email you your bespoke designed scheme, with all the sources I have chosen.  I’ll give you advice and ideas of how to plan the update of your room step by step and answer any questions
  • Access to me for one month to answer any enquiries you might have and any support you might need throughout the whole updating process

My aim is not to create a show-home out of the pages of a magazine. I want to help you create a beautiful functional home for your real life needs and a place to rest, enjoy and be happy.

*I can travel within an hour drive from my address, if you are not within this distance we can arrange everything online (via skype, call or emails).

Client is responsible for measurements, and check if the furniture I’m suggesting in the design scheme will fit in their room.

How much will it cost?

1 month design & support £150

This design package is based for a design consultation per room.
The cost of materials, furniture or furnishings you will use is not included in that price.

Are you ready?

What you said…

“The whole process was exciting and fun. From the first day we started the discussions, I knew it was going to look great. Anna helped me take a few risks (stars on walls!) but really listened to what the girls liked. She sent through initial ideas and mood boards so I could sit with the girls discussing what they liked and didn’t. They squealed with excitement and kept asking to look back at them…”

-Becky Kinsley, Class Teacher

See what me and my family have created with Anna's help!
Let’s make it happen!

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