Hey there!

I’m Anna Moumtzidou.

I know… how you pronounce that, right? Sometimes things are easier than they seem so try this: /Moum-gee-dou/. You see? Easy!…or just call me Anna 🙂

I’m a home stylist and organiser with an obsession for minimal, uncluttered spaces. Home should be a place where you can rest – and a well rested you can unlock your full potential to live a happier, healthier life. I help busy women like you mindfully create a home that is true to them.

Originally hailing from Greece I made Britain my new home more than a decade ago. My biggest fear is running out of olive oil! Born and raised a city girl, I’ve moved countries and houses more times than I can count and I’ve finally settled in a small pretty town in Surrey, UK where I live with Russ, my partner fiancé and Bailey, our bouncy cockapoo.

I’m surrounded by the most gorgeous countryside, heaps of fresh air and enough silence to allow myself to slow down and think. Long country walks is my favourite thing, when I’m not glued on my macbook writing content for my blog, creating or styling for beautiful interiors. I’m a creative neat freak and I love anything that has to do with home organising, decluttering, minimalism, DIY and home interiors with a true passion for self care.

I drink coffee not tea and when I entered my 40’s I accepted the fact that comfy wear and trainers is my thing. If I could, I would live only in yoga pants, but for now my wardrobe owns a few different items.

My Story…

For more than 15 years, I was working as a Graphic Designer and an Art Director for agencies based in Athens, London & Scotland, where I was managing creative studios. I worked for clients that were multi-million corporates, on internal communications projects, B2B and led design teams to deliver highly successful campaigns for government organisations, training modules and change comms. I also worked many years in publishing and retail campaigns.

I loved the creative side of my job but the pace was relentless and gradually over the years I started to feel trapped in my office job. I began to really struggle with the long commute and 11:00pm emails, and realised that the 9 to 5 wasn’t working for me anymore.

I finally hit my ‘I can’t do this anymore’ breaking point when I needed more flexibility to visit my family in Greece during a heartbreaking time. As I tried to juggle the needs of my career and the needs of my family there was no time left to think about my needs, and my own mental and physical health began to suffer.

There was no other way for me but to take a break.

My Passion

I started this blog early in 2016 as a getaway, somewhere where I could be creative but also as an experiment while we were slowly renovating our new 3 bedroom mid century home. I have had a passion for interiors since I was a young child. Always faffing with my room, changing it and decluttering from an early age. Home was always my happy place. So this transition came very naturally. The love and passion was always there and now the time was right!

So I went back to school, got my Diploma in Interior Design and started helping others to transform their spaces into somewhere they can rest, retreat from the day stresses and strains and recharge.

Having gone through such a stressful time in my life I knew that it was my home amongst other things, that helped me make the transition and stop my downward spiral. My home was my sanctuary and the place where I could rest and self care. Of course I had to allow things to happen at the right time, but when I was ready, my home worked as a shield. It wasn’t working against me, but with me. It wasn’t another thing that needed my time or my energy. In fact, waking up or going to bed in a beautiful well organised home was giving me back my energy! So I was able to focus on myself, heal, get stronger and get ready for the next new chapter in my life. If you are strong and healthy the possibilities are endless!

So now I spend my time helping people creating a mindfully curated space where they can rest and be the best version of themselves.

Also I believe in simple processes. I don’t think styling or decluttering your home should be a very complicated process. I like to keep things simple.

Why ‘This place I call home’

In 10 years I moved 12 times. This is a lot of moving around, especially for a home bird like me! When I first walked into our current home I instantly felt that this was the one and said to my partner ‘This is the place I will finally call home!’. Tired from all the moves and with an immense need to finally settle in one place we found our home. The house wasn’t perfect but I could see beyond it’s imperfections. So we threw ourselves to a renovation project and made it our own sanctuary.

You can see here our renovation journey with all the before and after shots.

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