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Hey there!

I’m Anna Moumtzidou.

I know… how you pronounce that, right? Sometimes things are easier than they seem so try this: /Moum-gee-dou/. You see? Easy!…or just call me Anna.

I’m a Creative Director & Brand Strategist on a mission to help small businesses and entrepreneurs feel at home in their branding. I’m here to help you unlock the full potential of your business. How? By getting clarity on your vision, understanding your customers, tailoring your messages, have a strong designed identity and plan your content for your website, blog & social media. 

My aim is to create a brand image that you are proud of which reflects exactly who you are, get what you want to say right and attract the right audience that converts into customers.
My Story…

Originally hailing from Greece I made Britain my home more than a decade ago. My biggest fear is running out of olive oil!

22 years ago I studied Arts & Design in Athens, Greece and started a career full of dreams and determination as a graphic designer. Over the years, I evolved in my role to Creative Director & Brand Strategist. I worked for agencies based in Athens, London & Scotland, where I was directing creative studios. For more than 18 years I worked with clients that were multi-million corporates, on branding, internal communications, B2B, B2C and led design teams to deliver highly successful campaigns from government organisations, to retail and publishing. There is not much in the design spectrum that I haven’t done.

I have worked on and witnessed the powerful transformation great branding can bring in to so many businesses over the years and celebrated their success. Having the right branding that communicates your messages and attracts the right clients, also creates clarity and can be so empowering that it can only lead to success. The possibilities are endless.

Having worked for so many years for agencies on branding and marketing I decided that climbing the career ladder wasn’t for me anymore. I wanted to use all my knowledge and experience to help small businesses and entrepreneurs create their ideal brands and chase their dreams. I wanted to be part of their journey to success and help them make it happen.

My definition of success.

Working on something you love and you are really proud of. Attracting the right customers that admire your brand not just because of how it looks but what it stands for. A successful brand is a brand that creates an emotional connection with their clients and that emotional connection creates long lasting relationships. This is what I call success. Authentic long-lasting relationships between your brand and your ideal customers.

If you need help with your brand, I’m available for 121 branding and content strategy consultations, feel free to contact me to have a chat about your needs.

Why ‘This Place I Call Home’

I started my blog, focused around Interiors in 2016, as a different creative outlet, somewhere where I could be creative but also as an experiment while we were slowly renovating our new home. I have had a passion for interiors since I was a young child. So I went back to school, got my Diploma in Interior Design and started helping others to transform their spaces. I did this for a year, only to realise that my heart wasn’t’ really in it.

After this small creative detour I realised that my true passion and where I felt ‘at home’ was working on branding and marketing. You can read more about my decision to go back here.

I decided to keep the name of my blog, because it was still representing where I am with my business right now. After detours and experimentations I finally came home with my business.

My mission is to help you feel also at home with your brand and your business.

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