Welcome to my blog! I’m so happy you are here. Here is a little bit about me.

I’m Anna, originally hailing from Greece I made Britain my home more than a decade ago. My biggest fear is running out of olive oil. I travelled a lot around the world and although born and raised as a city girl for the most of my life, I finally settled to a small pretty town in Surrey, UK surrounded by the most gorgeous countryside, heaps of fresh air and enough silence to allow myself to slow down and think.

Nowadays I’m dividing my time spending 3 days a week in the big city of London where I work for my day job as an Art Director of a content marketing agency and the rest of my working week I’m working from home in my beautiful peaceful town. I couldn’t really ask for more. In my free time you’ll finding me pottering around here, writing blogs, taking photos, styling, posting on my social media, taking new courses and searching for new inspiration. Long country walks is my favourite thing, when I’m not glued on my macbook writing content for my blog.

I drink coffee not tea and when I entered my 40’s I came to terms with the fact that I really don’t like wearing heels and I will spend the rest of my life in flats (only for some rare special occasions you will actually see me wearing heels). If I could, I would live only in yoga pants, but for now my wardrobe owns a few more pieces than just yoga pants.

I’m a creative neat freak and I love anything that has to do with home organising, decluttering, DIY and home interiors, so you will hear a lot about that around here. You will also read about life lessons, simple living and countryside walks. We are very slowly renovating our home and I’m posting all the updates with some inspiring before and after shots.

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